About Claire Mastop

My undergraduate and law degrees were both obtained at the University of Victoria on Vancouver Island. I finished my law degree in 2003 and I then worked as a researcher and as an administrator at UVic Law. I also had a few stints working in the UK at Oxford University on an international intellectual property program.

Victoria, where I lived for many years, has a vibrant multi-cultural community so, in my spare time, I was fortunate to have been a founding member of the Wicket Maidens cricket team at Beacon Hill Park, and was selected to be an opening bowler as one of the first members of the Canadian women's cricket team (hence my Maple Leaf tattoo).

In 2008 I relocated to the Okanagan, and Iíve been here since then. I love the Okanagan! I articled with Davidson Lawyers LLP, and did a mixed civil/criminal practise. I moved to Deuling & Co for a year and a half, and then established my own practise on January 1, 2012 under my name at the time, Claire C.Abbott.

In November 2014 I married William Mastop and I've been practicing under my married name since then. In my spare time these days I enjoy home renovations and playing with my dog.

Claire C. Mastop